Brewed from Mamajuana, Powered by MamaNature!

100% Natural Vitality Tea brewed from 16 different wild-crafted roots and herbs. These ingredients have been blended and brewed all-naturally and with care to bring out their unique benefits and flavors.

What is Mamajuana?

The History of Mamajuana

Mamajuana is the internationally renowned tonic from the Dominican Republic that provides natural vitality and balance without caffeine. Derived from the Taino Indians’ traditional system of herbal health and wellness, it is a blend of medicinal and adaptogenic herbs that can be consumed as an alcohol-based tincture or as a therapeutic tea.


Health and Wellness

Mamajuana recipes are based upon the ancient practice of blending specific medicinal roots, herbs and other plant parts that enhance the potency and efficacy of the final mixture.

Recipes were usually made to order by local herbal specialists (called Curanderos) who combined the botanicals based on the needs of the drinker and placed them in re-useable containers (called Botellas). Plants were mixed by these specialists with the purpose to complement each other and at other times to create redundancies that magnified a desired benefit.


Herbal Tinctures from Mamajuana

These herbs were first prepared as a tea. The arrival of European influence to the region brought the introduction of alcohol as an extract base, which has become the most recognized form of consuming Mamajuana.

The integration of rum with the herbs served as an alternative extraction method, a crude herbal tincture. One might expect the alcohol to counteract the health benefits of the herbs, but the truth is that alcohol-based tinctures are commonly used to extract and administer herbal properties. The downside to these tinctures is that ethanol can denature, and render inert, some of the plants’ highly complex compounds.

Despite the fact that Mamajuana might be a lot more fun to drink with rum, PALO wanted to return Mamajuana back to its origins, to its roots as an herbal tea that preserves all of the plants’ healthy benefits, which is why we call PALO, The Root of Tea.

This of course doesn’t mean you can’t add your own shot of rum to PALO – we promise not to tell!

PALO is selling faster than we can stock in the store.

— Josephina Reyes, Saludeza

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